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International Space Station - A home for Astronauts

Ever wondered about a space castle? The International Space Station is a castle far from Earth, orbiting in space, and a home for astronauts who research the wonders of the universe. In this session, get an insight into the largest scientific collaborative project in history and understand the significance in space research.

Planning night sky Observation

The night sky reveals a lot about the universe. You must have wondered how astronomers know every constellation and recognize it practically in the night sky so easily. Start with us as an amateur astronomer and learn how to use an astronomy tool- ‘Planisphere’ to get the hands-on experience of planning night sky observation. Experience the beauty of stars and patterns with us by understanding to work on a software ‘Stellarium’.

Tracking time through Sundial

In the digital world, we have several easy ways to know time. Sundials are the oldest known instruments for telling time. Earlier, people used to track time with the day time star – the Sun. Learn and experience the magnificence of a Sundial.

Truss-Smart structures in Space

Space environment is particularly harsh, and therefore smart-structure technology is critical for designing space structures. Trusses are the engineering magic tools. Join us to understand the interesting concepts for having such robust structures in space and their importance in building space exploration machines.

Space Topography

Space missions are difficult tasks. How do you think scientists know where to land on Mars or Moon? They are equipped with special type of maps called Topographical maps. This session gives you an in-depth learning about topography, contour drawing, conversion to 3D maps; and how such maps help in getting a better understanding of the celestial surface.

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  • Study Mode- Online/Zoom
  • Batch Size- 25
  • Eligibility - Grade II-III
  • Duration - 75 Mins/5 days
  • Educators - 2
  • Workshop Composition:
  • Concept Understanding- 20 minutes
  • Hands-on Activity- 40 minutes
  • Interactive Quiz- 15 minutes
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Batches Junior ( Grades II-III) Middle ( Grades IV-V) Senior (Grades –VI-IX)
3:30 to 5:00 PM (UAE TIME)
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12:00 to 1:30 PM (UAE TIME)
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