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Hubble Space Telescope

Space is full of mysteries and to unravel those we need space missions. How do we understand the science behind these missions? By learning about the famous mission of placing the Hubble Space Telescope in space and knowing about its consequences. In this session, understand how a billion-dollar blunder became a success story and gave a new vision of the Universe.

Know your sky-App Based Astronomy

We see the sky every night. But, how much do we really know about it. Learn the importance of stars and constellations in this session. Find out how to locate objects in the sky by learning to operate the software ‘Stellarium’. Also, practice a night sky exploring application on your own.

Coding Unplugged - Moving on Mars

Rovers are planetary surface exploration spacecrafts that help us to explore celestialbodies. Do you know how they function? They function through coding. Join us, as we learn more about coding through hands-on activities. In this session, also explore a coding platform to understand further.

Galaxy-City of Stars

Our solar system is a very small part of a bigger system-Galaxy. The smallest galaxies contain only a million stars or so. And the largest galaxies contain more than one trillion stars. Galaxies also contain vast clouds of gas and dust, which are the raw materials for new stars. In this session, know your home galaxy and its major parts. Learn more about other galaxies by getting deeper into its types.

Landscape Mapping

Maps are most commonly used in our day-to-day life that shows the geography of an area. But there are varieties of maps used for different purposes. Did you know, some maps can measure the height and depth of a landscape? This session features concepts on Topography with activities that focus on how maps have helped In Earth exploration.

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  • Study Mode- Online/Zoom
  • Batch Size- 25
  • Eligibility - Grade IV-V
  • Duration - 75 Mins/5 days
  • Educators - 2
  • Workshop Composition:
  • Concept Understanding- 20 minutes
  • Hands-on Activity- 40 minutes
  • Interactive Quiz- 15 minutes
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